Australia’s leading business incubator.

ATP Innovations is Australia’s leading business incubator. We partner with technology based businesses to help them achieve success as quickly as possible.


Whether you are starting or growing a business, there is never enough time. We become valuable members of your team, working with you to raise capital, build the team, secure government grants, create new products, grow revenue and ultimately exit the business profitably.


Our experienced executive team has worked with more than 80 businesses in the last six years, helping them raise over $113 million, sell products across the globe and for eight, sell their business.


ATP Innovations is host to Sydney’s largest community of entrepreneurs. By facilitating networking and educational events we strive to create a supportive and challenging environment.

Quality serviced offices and laboratories in a prestige building, with flexible monthly contracts serve to complete a truly unique working environment.


As an ATP Innovations client you will have access to our experienced executives, a vibrant entrepreneurial community, and an enviable support network of investors, trusted advisors and government. Our connections with globally recognised research organisations and universities provide access to advanced facilities and the brightest graduates.


If you are considering starting a business or want to drive your growth, look no further.


For more information on our services and how we work with start-up businesses, see our Services.

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Our track record.

Over the last 5 years we have worked with more than 80 businesses. Since 2006 our companies have:


    • Raised over $113 million from private investors.


    • Secured more than $28 million of competitive government grants.


    • Filed 250 patents and trademarks applications with 122 granted.


  • 8 of our portfolio were sold.
ATP Innovations’ clients have successfully commercialised technologies across a broad spectrum of technologies.


Information technology.

  • Software
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Consumer Web



  • Wireless
  • Optical
  • Cleantech


Life science.

  • Therapeutics
  • Diagnostics
  • Reagents
  • Medical devices

Recent successes.

Over the last year our high growth companies have been particularly successful. Here are some of the key statistics:

Raising capital.

    • $14.5 million of equity capital was raised.


  • 8 companies successfully sourced private funding.

Accessing grants.

    • 49% of our businesses received government grants.


  • 90% success rate for applications.

Growing revenue.

    • $45 million revenue earned.


  • 25% of our clients more than doubled in size.


Building the team.

    • 400+ employees work for our companies.


    • 69 new hirings made of which 53 were recent graduates.


  • 30 university interns worked within our clients companies.

Developing products.

    • 110 products and services launched.


  • 33 patent and trademark applications filed and 14 granted.

Selling your business.

    • 7 of the portfolio were acquired.


  • All were acquired by international companies