AIMEDICS releases HypoMon into the UK


After a warm reception from the worldwide diabetes community and successful clinical trials, AIMEDICS will release the HypoMon into the UK market this month. The team will be working with key diabetes hospitals and consumer groups to gain support for the product and build the sales channel.


“This is an exciting time for the company. Releasing (the HypoMon) into the UK is part of our mission to provide a safer night’s sleep for people with insulin-requiring diabetes,” said Sean Gray, VP Sales and Marketing Manager of AIMEDICS.


The HypoMon is a non-invasive alarm system that identifies sleep-time hypoglycaemia in children and young adults up to 25 years with type 1 diabetes. The device accurately detects these life threatening events during the night and alerts the user or carer.


Worldwide, there are 56 million people with diabetes using insulin. On average, each one of these people will have 1-2 severe hypoglycaemia (critically low blood glucose) events per year.


AIMEDICS is a client of ATP Innovations, Australia’s leading technology business incubator, also named the world’s best internationally connecting incubator.


For further details, please contact:

Sean Gray, VP Sales and Marketing, AIMEDICS


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