Bega Cheese adopts CarbonSystems sustainability software


Australia’s leading cheese manufacturer, Bega Cheese, has adopted CarbonSystems sustainability software to drive its sustainability performance.


CarbonSystems cloud based software will give Bega real time access to its energy, fuel, gas and water consumption data throughout the company, from business units, to manufacturing plants, to corporate. This will allow Bega Cheese to accurately report key aspects of its energy, water, waste, and carbon emissions profile to government under compulsory reporting schemes.


Bega Cheese is an ASX-listed company, employing 540 staff, headquartered in North Bega, New South Wales. Its dairy products are exported to over 50 countries around the world, with the company being a leading supplier of cheese products into the Australian market.


CarbonSystems is a client of ATP Innovations, Australia’s leading technology business incubator, also named the world’s best internationally connecting incubator.


Bega Cheese

Bega Cheese (Photo credit: Vanessa Pike-Russell)

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