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New product development is what keeps you ahead of the field. If you are not already thinking about it, we will make sure you are.

ATP Innovations works with innovative businesses everyday. We have a process that covers market focus, intellectual property strategy and regulatory needs. Our clients have found numerous ways to apply new technologies in new fields, locally and globally. Being immersed in this environment will inspire you to look at the world in a whole new way.

We ask the questions: What problem do you solve? Who for? And why are you better?

We make a material contribution to how your products apply to the market, so you always know exactly what you stand for.

ATP Innovations portfolio companies cover a diverse range of technologies including information technology (software, software-as-a-service and consumer web), engineering (wireless, optical, hardware and cleantech) and life sciences (therapeutics, reagents, medical devices and diagnostics).

Recent highlights.

Over 70 new products launched every year.

77 new products and services were created by ATP Innovations clients in the last year. Underpinning this were 33 patent filings and trademark applications along with 14 patents and trademarks being granted. The diversity of businesses results in a broad range of new products each year, recent examples include:

* Ninja Sphere home smart system for technology and appliances.

* Mapping and data through the use of (UAV) drones.

* Rapid diagnostics for detection of sepsis, bacteria, fungi and disease. 

All in Media.

“ATP Innovations has provided an excellent environment for our growing business. Combining flexible office space, focused advice and aaim ready made network in the same building means it’s going to be difficult to move!”


Jason Malaure, Technical Director, All In Media.

Millions of apps downloaded. But first they made an application to us.
All In Media develops innovative software solutions for radio and internet broadcasters, allowing them to manage their data services across a range of technology platforms. Using All In Media’s applications, broadcasters have been able to deliver new forms of interactivity to their listeners, encourage customer loyalty and source new areas for advertising revenue while improving the listener experience.

In June 2009 All In Media started developing iPhone, iPad and Android applications for the radio industry. Since then over a million applications have been downloaded. One of the keys to All In Media’s success has been its rapid turnaround, turning customers’ ideas into reality within a matter of weeks.

All In Media’s highlights in the past year include deals with Arqiva, SBS, RTE Radio and AudioNET. All In Media is also giving something back to the radio industry, offering Commercial Radio Australia members free software to support new content standards. With a strong client base in Australia, the UK and Ireland, All In Media is looking to expand its presence in the European, Canadian and Asian markets through long term partnerships with broadcasters and distributors. All In Media continues to be an award-winning pioneer in the broadcasting industry.

All in Media has grown rapidly since joining ATP Innovations in 2008. With the initial product launch in 2007, the business has captured a significant proportion of the Australian and European markets. The executive team at ATP Innovations has provided a sounding board to test strategic directions, market selection and business growth options.

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