Startmatea close partner and accelerator program of ATP Innovations, will send eight Australian startup companies to the US for two months in a bid to find angel investors, win new customers and seek funding from venture capital firms.

Having spent three months in the recently refurbished ATP Innovations’ Accelerator HUB, Startmate companies will have ongoing support from Startmate for the remainder of the five month program including mentoring, support and seed funding.

The program will conclude with two demo days in Sydney and Silicon Valley.

Companies for 2015 include:, Robby, Room Ranger, Pixel Together, Koala Safe, Nexus Notes, Capacity HQ and Propeller Aerobotics.


Startmate 2015 runs from January through to May and the eight startups have been chosen. Applications for 2016 open in September.

ATP Innovations’ is delighted to announce that Breathe Well and Big Stone Capital have joined the NIC Community.

Breathe Well has developed a device that incorporates biofeedback into cancer radiotherapy, empowering patients undergoing treatment and improving outcomes through new innovative technologies in respiratory innovations. Breathe Well has undergone years of scientific research and drastically improves radiation treatment, medical image quality and presents patients with guidance for a desirable breathing-motion.


For more information visit

Bigstone Capital is a financial service company that is challenging traditional banking with a new lending platform for SMEs. Big Stone Capital helps make the process of getting a loan simple, fast and easy, offering better value with competitive prices and fees with a personalised service. Investors can also use Big Stone Capital for performance tracking and risk management, directly invest in growing small businesses and earn a return aligned with the risk of the businesses which investors lend to.


For more information visit


There is a need to drastically improve educational outcomes and make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) subjects less daunting for students.

To this end, Prof. Michael Jacobson—the Founder and CEO of Pallas Advanced Learning Systems (ALS)—has developed innovative approaches for students to learn science with cutting edge intelligent virtual learning environments and computer modelling and visualization technologies.

“Most people do not realize that 75% of the fastest growing occupations require solid STEM knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, most students avoid STEM courses because they think they are too hard,” says Michael.

Research shows that traditional approaches for teaching science can be dry and uninteresting for many students. In contrast, immersive “game-like” learning experiences are not only interactive and engaging, but also help students really learn science as the students are “doing” 21st century science.

With funding from the Australian Research Council, Prof.Jacobson has conducted three years of school-based research in which young students learn important biology concepts and scientific inquiry skills using the Omosa Virtual World environment.

Information about this work and the virtual learning environment may be viewed here.

Pallas ALS has obtained an exclusive license from The University of Sydney for the IP from this work and has now launched its first product in virtual reality.

Prof. Jacobson is an international consultant and keynote speaker at major EdTech and education research conferences. He has also edited two books on EdTech research, including Designs for Learning Environments of the Future: International Perspectives from the Learning Sciences, published by Springer.


Visit Pallas ALS for more information about the company and the future of Edtech.


muru-DATP Innovations and Pozible have joined forces to take a look at the Internet of Things

Ever wondered what IoT really means for Australian startups? How does hardware impact the lean startup approach? What can we learn from the success and failures of others? 

This event will take a look at the progress of Australia’s Internet of Things to encourage Aussie entrepreneurs to continue to dream big and think about IoT startups that could shape our future.

Join keynote speaker Duncan Turner from Haxlr8r and fellow panelists Andrew Birt (Lifx, CliniCloud), Ben Moir (Snepo, We:Ex), Alfred Boyadgis (Forcite), Mark Richards (Homeboy), Shane Cox (Instrument Works) and more for a night of stimulating conversations, followed by an evening of food, drinks and networking.

Keynote Speaker

Duncan Turner is a general partner and program director at HAX and has led product design and consumer engagement strategy projects for large fortune 500 companies whilst at IDEO.


Date: Thursday 26th, March
Time: 6.00pm
ATP Innovations
Suite 145, 4 Cornwallis Street
Eveleigh, NSW


The Accelerator HUB at ATP Innovations is an exclusive co-working space, which will be used to host and run accelerator programs validating early stage business ideas. Every year ATP Innovations hosts over 100 technology entrepreneurs as part of their partnership with accelerator programs as well as running their own.

ATP Innovations’ accelerator program Ignition labs and partner program Startmate will be run out of the new Accelerator HUB. The coworking space will also house and support selected graduates from other accelerator programs including University of Sydney’s Incubate, and Telstra-backed muru-D.

The new Accelerator HUB was designed by Allison Phillips, a fourth year student at COFA UNSW, who won ATP Innovations’ student design competition.

The Accelerator HUB is now a vibrant multifunctional workspace, which brings nature in and draws from the heritage of the Australian Technology Park. The different features of the space were designed to facilitate long working hours and creative thinking amongst entrepreneurs.

accelerator hub

A big thank you to our sponsors Cook Medical, Optus, Commonwealth Bank and Startmate for their support and generosity


ATP Innovations is delighted to sponsor and host the AusBiotech NSW  Biobeers and Bubbles for 2015.

NSW Biobeers and Bubbles is the largest NSW life science networking event, and is therefore a fantastic opportunity for you to meet interesting people, catch up on current issues, and forge valuable connections with AusBiotech members and non-members in the life sciences, therapeutics, medical technology, food and agricultural biotechnology sectors.

All clients of ATP Innovations in technology-related fields (IT, engineering, life sciences, cleantech) and life science enthusiasts are encouraged to RSVP at and join us for a night of networking, beer and bubbles.

This is a FREE event for all members and non-members of Ausbiotech. Drinks and nibbles will be supplied.

Date: Thursday 5th February 2015

Time: 5:00 – 8:00pm

Venue: ATP Innovations – Atrium, Ground Floor, National Innovation Centre, Australian Technology Park, 4 Cornwallis Street, Eveleigh, NSW 2015

Sydney based biotech company Clarity Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce that Professor Dale Bailey from PharmaScint, a specialist clinical trials imaging and analysis organization, has joined their expert scientific advisory group. In addition to being a Director of PharmScint, Professor Bailey is Principal Physicist in the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital and Professor in Medical Radiation Sciences at the University of Sydney.

He also leads the Neuro-Endocrine Tumour flagship of Sydney Vital – the Northern Translational Cancer Research Centre.
Professor Bailey said that it is exciting to join a new breed of innovative Australian startup that has proven expertise in attracting investment for commercialisation and the skill set to develop radiopharmaceutical product pipelines.
“My focus will be on advising the best approach to take the products from the lab to the clinic and matching the right
imaging with the pipeline products” he said.
Executive Chairman of Clarity Pharmaceuticals, Dr Alan Taylor said that “it is timely to have an esteemed nuclear
medicine physicist join our rapidly growing company as we prepare to move into early stage clinical trials with our
radiopharmaceutical pipeline”.
“Professor Bailey brings strong clinical experience and a potential collaboration with the nearby Royal North Shore
Hospital with a path to progress our radiopharmaceutical pipeline into the clinic”.
Professor Bailey will join Clarity Pharmaceuticals current scientific advisory group including:

*  Dr Suzanne Smith, radiopharmaceutical design specialist at the Collider-Accelerator Department of Brookhaven
National Laboratory and Executive Board Member and Node Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Antimatter
Matter Studies.

*  Dr Paul Donnelly, organic/inorganic chemist specialising in biology and material science, at the Donnelly Research Group, University of Melbourne, in the state-of-art laboratories of the Bio21 Institute of Molecular

Science and Biotechnology.



About Clarity Pharmaceuticals
Clarity Pharmaceuticals is a personalised medicine company focused on the treatment of serious disease. The
Company is a leader in innovative radiopharmaceutical technology, developing targeted therapies and assisting in the drug development pipeline of novel therapies for companies globally (
About PharmaScint
PharmaScint ( is a medical imaging service organisation that provides clinical imaging trial, data management, and analysis solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. The focus on this niche market is to aid clients in evaluating optimal delivery routes and optimisation for new pharmaceuticals.
PharmaScint’s intent is to:
* Work predominantly in 3D SPECT and PET imaging and investigate structure/function relations using CT and MRI
* Develop standardised methodologies and analyses for multi-centric trials;
* Further develop the concept of ‘dose modelling’ by advanced data acquisition and analysis strategies to accelerate the evaluation of new radiopharmaceutricals; *  Capitalise on access to patients with a wide spectrum of conditions to provide more clinically relevant studies for clients.

Clarity Pharmaceuticals is a client of ATP Innovations, winner of the prestigious 2014 NBIA Incubator of the Year Award.

Media contacts:
For Clarity Pharmaceuticals: Daniella Goldberg PhD, Gene Genie Media

E: | M: +612 416 211 067
For Pharmascint: Dale Bailey PhD E: M: +61 402 892051



The Hon Jillian Skinner, NSW Minister for Health, last night awarded prestigious QB3 Rosenman Scholarships to Dr Sheridan Gho and Dr Michael Weaver, both from the University of Wollongong. The announcement occurred during a Medical Device Showcase at world leading incubator, ATP Innovations. The event highlighted some of the incredible medical device research being conducted in NSW and showcased the commercial pathway each researcher has commenced.

Dr Gho and Dr Weaver have been working to address lymphoedema – a condition of localised fluid retention and painful tissue swelling, caused by a compromised lymphatic system. Lymphoedema is a disease that effects one in three breast cancer survivors. Approximately 15,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia during 2014. Dr Gho and Dr Weaver’s invention involves a wearable sleeve that treats and manages the painful condition by actively massaging the lymphatic system, allowing patients to conduct normal lives.

Minister Skinner said that Dr Gho and Dr Weaver had “demonstrated entrepreneurial literacy, persistence and a commitment to understanding how to close the gap between the development of a device and how to bring it to market,” following their completion of an intensive three-month Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program run by ATP Innovations.

“The NSW Government and the Office for Health and Medical Research are proud to fund these two scholarships, knowing the knowledge Sheridan and Michael gain now will be shared with many others on their return,” said Minister Skinner.

Mr Ben Wright, Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program Director said that “NSW Health and the Office for Health and Medical Research have been visionary in their establishment of both the NSW Medical Device Fund and the Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program. The medical devices sector is an area of research excellence in NSW and it is great to see the development of programs that support the commercialisation of impactful technologies.”

The QB3 Rosenman Scholarship will see Dr Gho and Dr Weaver spend two years in San Francisco, where they will work together with clinicians to advance their technology and develop new medical products.

Applications for the Medical Device Fund will open next week.

For more information on the Medical Device Commercialisation Program (MDCTP) or the Medical Devices Fund:
go to or

About ATP Innovations

ATP Innovations is Australia’s leading technology business incubator. ATP Innovations accelerates the growth of technology companies that target global markets, by providing advice and guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs, access to investors, customers and domain specialists, and world-class infrastructure tailored to the needs of startup companies.

The ATP Innovations Accelerator HUB is home to Startmate, Ignition Labs and university accelerator programs. ATP Innovations’portfolio comprises over 65 companies from the software, hardware and life science sectors.

PrintATP Innovations is the 2014 NBIA Incubator of the Year. Awarded by the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA), the peak global body for business incubation and entrepreneurship with over 2200 members in more than 60 countries.


The Australian Innovation Challenge had entries open in May for entrepreneurs, technology startup businesses and innovations. In support of driving the nation’s future, and to help shape some of the best ideas into commercialisation and adoption this challenge was brought to the public by The Australian (newspaper) in association with Shell.

Once Podplants were announced as finalists in October, the team had gathered a much appreciated 330 votes in support of their efforts.  Its founder, Chris Wilkins, is very passionate about his invention and very happy with the award.

He hopes to help green the planet with his wonderful creation of the greenwall, which his innovative idea has allowed the corporate world to delve into a cleaner environment through a novel aeroponic system. The greenwall allows plant to grow in nutrient laden mist and minimal lighting and can grow anything from ferns to edible plants and vegetables.

Podplants has now been mentioned in the Australian Innovative Challenge article of ‘The Australian’, shook hands with Ian McFarlane and Andrew Smith (Chair of Shell Aus), received a trophy for their business efforts and $10,000 to continue their work of innovating a sustainable future.

Podplants is a portfolio client of ATP Innovations. Winner of the prestigious NBIA Award 2014.



Join ATP Innovations and NSW Health in this end of year showcase event.

The Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program (MDCTP) was concieved by NSW Health and the Office of Health and Medical Research as a mechanism to bridge the gap between medical device research and the commercialisation of innovative technologies in NSW.

Designed and delivered by ATP Innovations, Australia’s most awarded technology incubator, the program assisted 20 post-docs map their own commercial pathway by focusing on value proposition, customer development, product development, Intellectual property, licencing, reimbursement, regulatory affairs and market strategy.

Join us for a celebration of this journey, a showcase of the technologies and an evening of networking:

Keynote – The Hon. Jillian Skinner, Deputy NSW Liberal Leader, New South Wales Minister for Health and Minister for Medical Research.

The main eventMedical device showcase. Hear about exciting new technologies, the products they will become and the lives they will change.  We’ll also announce some other great news on the night!

When – Tuesday, 09 December 2014 at 6:00pm.

WhereATP Innovations, National Innovation Cenre, 4 Cornwallis Street, Eveleigh, NSW 2015

Tickets are available Here.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? The train is the easiest way to get to the Australian Technology Park.  ATP Innovations is located in the National Innovation Centre, Australian Technology Park.  We’re about 200m from Redfern Train Station.  There is limited street parking and paid parking can be found inside the tech park.

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