Flightfox flies into YCombinator


Flightfox co-founders Lauren McLeod and Todd Sullivan have raised $800,000 and have been accepted into the prestigious startup accelerator, YCombinator in the Silicon Valley, USA.


ATP Innovations housed and co-mentored Flightfox, and its fellow Startmate companies, Happy Inspector, ScriptRock, invc.me, Young Republic, SetKick, Ninja Blocks and Moojive.


Under the three month YCombinator program, FlightFox and other startups will receive modest funding and intensive mentoring while refining their investor pitches. The program concludes with a demo day when the startups present to a large audience of investors. The startups then continue the journey with valuable connections made during the program.


Flightfox is a platform for crowd-sourced (or human-powered) flight search. Registered flight experts, from all over the world, compete to find the best flights and are paid a flat fee by the traveler if they have found them the best deal.


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