Innovative Flooring

When you plan the design of your trade show display, it is important to think of your trade show booth floor as your fifth wall. The flooring of your trade show booth should always complement– and enhance– the environment of your trade show display. In fact, your choice of flooring can add a third dimension to your trade show booth.

When the city of Chicago used full-color digitally printed footprints- in- the sand on their trade show carpet, it was the starting point of a “follow me” tour of the Chicago area that made their booth 3 dimensional.

Their realistic footprints-in-sand carpet graphics enticed visitors to follow the footprints leading up to Lake Michigan shown graphically on the trade show booth wall. It was a clever way to explore the terrain of the city of Chicago and its environs. Imaginative trade show flooring can create 3 dimensional trade show booths with flooring that uses footprints, railroad tracks, and other devices that stimulate a “follow me” look.

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