PAFtec finalist in the Australian International Design Awards


PAFtec powered respirator

PAFtec’s CleanSpace Powered Respirator has been selected as an official finalist in the 2012 Australian International Design Awards. To reach this level of the Australian International Design Awards is an outstanding achievement. As a finalist, the CleanSpace Powered Respirator will be recognised at the 2012 Australian International Design Awards Presentation Ceremony on 20 July 2012.


PAFtec’s CleanSpace is a low profile, powered air purifying respirator with the benefit of mobility and high performance. The advantage of the CleanSpace Powered Respirator over competitors is the compact, lightweight design making it easy to use and carry.


The breakthrough mobility and protection opens up a new range of applications for powered respirator technology. CleanSpace changes those workers’ lives that require comfort, mobility and respiratory protection for long working hours.


PAFtec is an associate client of ATP Innovations, Australia’s leading technology business incubator, also named best internationally connecting incubator.


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