It’s easier to move forward when you have money behind you.

Sometimes you only get one chance so if you’re not supported by someone who knows the ropes, you could get yourself in a tangle. We’ll define your funding needs, identify funding sources and assist you to become investor ready. We’ll make sure it’s not just a stab in the dark by coaching you through the whole pitch process.

So you have the right conversations, with the right people and you get the capital you’re after.

ATP Innovations companies have attracted a wide range of Australian venture capital investors including: ANU Connect, Australian Capital Ventures, Brandon Capital, CM Capital, CVC REEF, GBS, Innovation Capital, Jolimont Capital, Lend Lease Ventures, PFM Cornerstone, SciVentures, Starfish Ventures and Stone Ridge Ventures. ATP Innovations executives co-founded Sydney Angels in 2008.

Focused on early stage investment in innovative business. The formal angel group has made a number of investments to date.

Key transactions have included:

* $5m syndicated venture capital investment into Elastagen.

* Multiple angel investment rounds into Smart Digital Optics.

* Strategic investment into WorkBuddy.


$45 million in revenue earned last year, with more than half from exports.

$121M capital was raised by ATP Innovations clients in the last year.

8 companies raised money from business angel investors, venture capital firms and strategic investors.

More than 24 companies have secured 46 rounds of investment from angel investors, venture capital firms, strategic investors and public share issues.


elastegen“ATP Innovations has been invaluable in exposing us to a network of service providers, investors and company peers – there always seems to be someone we can talk to who has already overcome the next challenge we face”.


Dr Rob Daniels, CEO, Elastagen.

Elastagen is a clinical stage medical device company that is pioneering Elastatherapy™ using the human protein Elastin to naturally repair and augment the skin. Skin elasticity deteriorates with age due to the progressive loss of the Elastin protein, one of the three key molecules associated with youthful skin. Two of these molecules, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Collagen, are already used in aesthetic dermatology, but the potential for Elastin has remained untapped and offers a novel direction in anti-ageing therapy.

Elastagen has pioneered the scientific understanding of Elastin and the “elastagenesis” process. Elastagen is also the first company to have succeeded in the scaleable commercial GMP compliant manufacture of full length recombinant human Elastin for use in dermatology applications.

The company is currently conducting clinical studies to evaluate the potential of its Elastin formulations to augment the skin and restore elasticity in both cosmetic and medical dermatology applications.The company began operations in 2005 following seed funding from ATP Innovations and receipt of an exclusive licence to the Elastin technology from the University of Sydney, which enabled the company to complete proof of concept formulation and production activities. It started the commercially & clinically focused phase of the company in August 2008, following a Series A financing by leading Australian venture investors including GBS Ventures, and Brandon Capital Partners together with ATP Innovations.

ATP Innovations has played a critical role throughout Elastagen’s development. In addition to seed funding, ATP Innovations has provided assistance in negotiating technology licences, insight into government support and financial assistance, access to a strong network of investors and advisors, and strategic guidance.As the company progresses its products through to market launch in 2012, ATP Innovations will continue to deliver its full range of business services.

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