Selling your business.

This is the ‘laughing all the way to the bank’ bit. selling_business

Put simply, this is the bit where we identify potential exit opportunities andprepare your business for sale.

We’ll be there to help you through the negotiating process from start to finish. Of course the measure of success is always different. More often than not, it’s about cold hard cash. However sometimes it’s a lifestyle choice. The old adage of working to live rather than living to work is more relevant today than ever. But whether you want to take your money and run or simply take a year off, we have good reason to believe you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Smart Digital Optics.

“Negotiating with a large industry player like Arteche was complex and time consuming. Fortunately we were able to draw on sound advice from a range of advisors in particular the directors at ATP Innovations. This advice and support has been invaluable in helping us to negotiate the deal successfully.”



John Haywood, CEO, Smart Digital Optics.

Smart Digital Optics manufactures optical fibre sensors for the electric power and smelting industries. Smart Digital Optics is one of the first companies to incorporate optical fibre sensors into power metering systems allowing users to measure electric currents with unprecedented levels of accuracy and ease. With compact systems and a higher capacity for digital data Smart Digital Optics’ products move away from traditional devices which are relatively costly and cumbersome to install.

In June 2010, Smart Digital Optics secured a $4.5 million contract with Arteche, a well established electrical company based in the Basque region of Spain. Under the deal, Arteche will invest $1.5 million in the company each year until December 2013 and will incorporate Smart Digital Optics technology in their services. The investment allows Smart Digital Optics to continue exploring opportunities to expand globally. This new synergy presents Arteche with an opportunity to enhance their existing services to meet increasingly sophisticated consumer expectations.

As with most start up technology companies, the team was rich with technical knowledge, but needed the ATP Innovations team to add the relevant business experience.

Smart Digital Optics has enjoyed increased sales over the past year and a growing presence in Queensland, now operating alongside and outperforming the market leader. Smart Digital Optics is well on its way to becoming the world leader in current measurement instruments for high voltage power transmission systems.

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