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We’d like to put an end to your start-up business.

So you’ve got a business up and running, but what’s the fastest way forward?


At ATP Innovations it’s our job to take a technology-based business and help it reach its full potential as quickly as possible. You’ve got your business on track. We’ll get it on the inside track, here and globally.


Let’s face it, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for you to do it all – raising capital, building teams, securing grants, creating new products, growing revenue in new markets and ultimately exiting your business.

As one of our companies you have the added advantage of rubbing shoulders with Australia’s largest community of entrepreneurs within a business ecosystem that not only mutually supports but constantly challenges you to do your best.


Success breeds success.


As much as we like working with you, it’s ultimately our job to push you to excel. It’s this approach that has generated multi-million dollar success stories, time and time again. And make sure small businesses don’t stay that way.


For more information on who we are and our track record working with start-up businesses, see About us.

Start up business waiting for the first customer

How we make you successful.


Success multiplied.
At ATP Innovations there are many ways we make you successful, but the key ones fall into six categories.

Raising capital.

  • Defining funding needs
  • Identifying funding sources
  • Becoming investor ready

Accessing grants.

  • Identifying the right programs
  • Creating a commercialisation strategy
  • Guiding the application process

Growing revenue.

  • Creating a clear message
  • Developing a scalable business model
  • Managing the routes to market

Building your team.

  • Adding our experience to your team
  • Accessing an invaluable network
  • Joining a community of 50 CEOs

Developing products.

  • Defining your market focus
  • Developing an IP strategy
  • Understanding regulatory needs

Selling your business.

  • Identifying potential exit opportunities
  • Preparing the business for sale
  • Understanding the negotiating process

“Ten X”.

‘Success multiplied’ is more than a tag line. It is what we do and our track record proves it.


The client case studies you see here are only a snap shot of our successes. Many are not mentioned, but there have been hundreds of entrepreneurs from both the public and private sector whose technology we’ve helped commercialise.


We are after all, Australia’s leading business incubator.

Our mission is simple: We want to work with your innovative high growth business to create a product that is ten times better, in order to grow your company by ten times and provide a ten times return on investment.


Success multiplied, by 10.

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