Accessing grants.

The right government grant will get your business moving.

You can never take grants for granted. At ATP Innovations, we’ll navigate you through the current landscape of government support programs.


The reality is it’s not that easy if you don’t have the knowledge. Our experience has made sure we do.


We can quickly identify the programs that are right for you and your business. With our expertise we can shape your application for the best outcome.

The process is involved but can deliver valuable outcomes. Importantly it forces you to think about your commercialisation strategy so you’ll be moving in the right direction, whether your application is successful or not.



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Accessing government grants

$28 million raised in Government grants.


Grants multiplied.
$28 million in competitive State and Federal Government grants have been raised by ATP Innovations portfolio companies since 2006.


24 companies have been awarded a total of 30 grants.

Recent highlights.

90% of our portfolio companies successfully accessed competitive government grants with the assistance of ATP Innovations.


Elastagen and Endoluminal Sciences received a combined $4.5M from the NSW Medical Devices Fund in round 1.


Taggle, Marathon Targets, AIMEDICS and NeuClone were amongst the first recipients of funding through the Commercialisation Australia program.

Key transactions.

$2.5 million was awarded to Endoluminal Sciences during round 1 of the NSW Medical Devices Fund.


$2 million was awarded to Elastogen during round 1 of the NSW Medical Devices Fund.


$4.5 million Commercial Ready and Commercialisation Australia grants for AIMEDICS.


$5 million Renewable Energy Development Initiative grant for BioPower Systems.


$750,000 Commercialisation Australia grant for NeuClone.

ATP Innovations portfolio companies have secured a broad range of competitive grants including BIF, START, COMET, Industry Cooperative Innovation Program, Renewable Energy Development Initiative, Commercial Ready, NSW Biobusiness Proof of Concept and Commercialisation Australia grants.


Noelle-Ann Sunstrom,


“ATP Innovations is an ideal location for building a technology business. The combination of an extensive network, the camaraderie with other like minded companies, the location and the ATP Innovations team has all become critical factors in the success of the NeuClone business.”


Dr Noelle-Ann Sunstrom, CEO, Neuclone.

Neulcone had the medication. ATP Innovations helped with the cash injection.

NeuClone is an Australian company using its extensive expertise in cell line engineering to enable its clients to exploit the significant potential of biosimilars. NeuClone licenses regulatory-approved mammalian cell lines engineered to produce protein therapeutics with enhanced productivity and biological activity. NeuClone is a global provider of industrial cell lines used in the manufacturer of recombinant proteins including biosimilars.


A biosimilar is an off patent prescription medication that is produced using bioproduction processes. There are 45 biologic drugs coming off patent by 2014 with a cumulative worth of $60 billion per annum.


NeuClone is a company born global. The business started with an expression of interest for a biosimilar from a leading Latin American pharmaceutical manufacturer. The business has collaborated with US & German companies for its design and manufacturing process, and is undertaking R&D activities in Singapore with a global leader in media production. Its fast growing client base stretches from the Americas to the Middle East and India.


ATP Innovations has supported NeuClone through its development. ATP Innovations provided assistance with the design and construction of laboratory facilities and commercialisation activities.


In 2009 ATP Innovations became the home for NeuClone’s world class cell engineering and bioproduction facility which has been the engine of all NeuClone’s biosimilar cell line development work. Early in 2010, NeuClone was awarded one of the first Commercialisation Australia Early Stage Grants, for cell line optimisation and facility expansion.