Growing revenue.

Almost as hard as finding your first customer, is following it up with your second.

Paying customers are the ultimate validation of your product. Without them, you are nothing.


We help you get closer to your market through an understanding of your positioning, channels and competition.


To this end, we’ll work with you to spread the net and find the best ways to bring your business to the world market.

Our intention is to scale your business and establish new connections to drive growth.


While winning customers is important, retaining them is the key to a sustainable business.


And we’ll be with you the whole way too.



All of our services:

Growing revenue

$45 million of revenue annually, with over half from exports.


Revenue multiplied.
ATP Innovations clients have successfully sold products to a broad range of national and international businesses including:


3M Pharmaceuticals, Austereo, Australian Broadcasting Commission, Australian Customs Service, Australian Defence Force, Bank of New Zealand, Belle Group, In-Q-Tel (Central Intelligence Agency), Cochlear, Colliers International, CSIRO, dmg Radio, Domino’s Pizza, Elders, Edelman, Enware, Fujitsu,


HSBC, Macquarie University, Metcash, Microsoft, New South Wales Government, NSW Roads and Traffic Authority, Queensland Government, Railcorp, Raytheon, Resmed, RTE Ireland, Special Broadcasting Service, Schering-Plough, Sony, Suncorp, Symbion Laverty, Tabcorp, Telstra, US Department of Health, US Marine Corp, University of Papua New Guinea, University of Washington, Valve and Westpac Banking Corporation.

Recent highlights.

$45 million revenue was earned by ATP Innovations portfolio companies in the last year.


25% of our portfolio more than doubled their revenues.


50% of all revenues were derived from exports.

International offices.

Our portfolio companies have established overseas offices in Auckland, Barcelona, Berlin, London, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai and Yokohama.


Bill Clasquin

“ATP Innovations have provided us with ongoing assistance with developing our business strategy, providing introductions and access to networks and individuals that have extended our growth opportunities.”


Bill Clasquin, CTO, CarbonSystems.

CarbonSystems came to us to improve revenue. Well money doesn’t grow on trees.

Companies around the world are being challenged to raise their corporate sustainability performance.


Global efforts to address climate change mean measuring, managing and reporting energy, waste, carbon emissions and other environmental data have become essential to business performance and reporting.


CarbonSystems is a leading global provider of energy, carbon and sustainability accounting software. Its technology streamlines the delivery of financial-grade data and environmental data – such as fuel, gas, energy and water – to shrink the time and cost of managing this information.


Crucially, it gives companies clear, real-time visibility of their environmental footprint and its clients use this visibility to drive business operations to become more efficient and profitable.


The company’s technology is based on a software platform developed by Omni Meta, a leading provider of energy and facilities management software, which had been based at ATP Innovations since 2006.


ATP Innovations executives worked closely with Omni Meta’s founders as it recognised the emerging potential for a global carbon reporting market.


In 2009 Omni Meta merged with CarbonSystems. Since then the merged company trading as CarbonSystems has signed more than 100 companies globally, with clients across Australia, the UK, the US, Asia and South Africa.


The company has clients in diverse sectors, including corporate property management, education, electricity and gas, government, food services, fast moving goods distribution, information technology, managed services, mining, logistics, and professional services.


Today CarbonSystems has a fully-fledged global operation with offices in Sydney, London and New York, and affiliated partners around the globe.