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“ATP Innovations has been invaluable in exposing us to a network of service providers, investors and company peers – there always seems to be someone we can talk to who has already overcome the next challenge we face.”


Bill Clasquin, CTO, Envizi.


Global efforts to address climate change mean measuring, managing and reporting energy, waste, carbon emissions and other environmental data have become essential to business performance and reporting.

Envizi is a leading global provider of energy, carbon and sustain- ability accounting software. Its technology streamlines the delivery of financial-grade data and environmental data – such as fuel, gas, energy and water – to shrink the time and cost of managing this information. Crucially, it gives companies clear, real-time visibility of their environmental footprint and its clients use this visibility to drive business operations to become more efficient and profitable.

The company’s technology is based on a software platform developed by Omni Meta, a leading provider of energy and facilities management software, which had been based at ATP Innovations since 2006. ATP Innovations executives worked closely with Omni Meta’s founders as it recognised the emerging potential for a global carbon reporting market.

In 2009 Omni Meta merged with CarbonSystems. And now trading as Envizi, they have signed more than 100 companies globally, with clients across Australia, the UK, the US, Asia and South Africa.

The company has clients in diverse sectors, including corporate property management, education, electricity and gas, government, food services, fast moving goods distribution, information technology, managed services, mining, logistics, and professional services.

Today Envizi has a fully-fledged global operation with offices in Sydney, London and New York, and affiliated partners around the globe.


“ATP Innovations has been invaluable in exposing us to a network of service providers, investors and company peers – there always elastegenseems to be someone we can talk to who has already overcome the next challenge we face.”

rob_elastagenDr Rob Daniels, CEO, Elastagen

The company began operations in 2005 following seed funding from ATP Innovations and receipt of an exclusive licence to the Elastin technology from the University of Sydney, which enabled the company to complete proof of concept formulation and production activities.

It started the commercially & clinically focused phase of the company in 2008, following a Series A financing by leading Australian venture investors including GBS Ventures, and Brandon Capital Partners together with ATP Innovations.

In 2013, Elastogen was awarded $2.0m from the NSW Medical Devices Fund to develop dermal repair products. ATP Innovations has played a critical role throughout Elastagen’s development. In addition to seed funding, ATP Innovations has provided assistance in negotiating technology licences, insight into government support and financial assistance, access to a strong network of investors and advisors, and strategic guidance. As the company progresses its products through to market launch, ATP Innovations will continue to deliver its full range of business services.

Elastagen is a clinical stage medical device company that is pioneering Elastatherapy™ using the human protein Elastin to naturally repair and augment the skin. Skin elasticity deteriorates with age due to the progressive loss of the Elastin protein, one of the three key molecules associated with youthful skin. Two of these molecules, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Collagen, are already used in aesthetic dermatology, but the potential for Elastin has remained untapped and offers a novel direction in anti-ageing therapy. Elastagen has pioneered the scientific understanding of Elastin and the “elastagenesis” process.

Elastagen is also the first company to have succeeded in the scalable commercial GMP compliant manufacture of full length recombinant human Elastin for use in dermatology applications. The company is currently conducting clinical studies to evaluate the potential of its Elastin formulations to augment the skin and restore elasticity in both cosmetic and medical dermatology applications.

All in Media

“ATP Innovations has provided an excellent environment for our growing business. Combining flexible office space, focused advice and a readymade network in the same building has been critical to our success.”


Jason Malaure, Technical Director, All In (2)

Millions of apps downloaded. But first they made an application to us.

All In Media develops innovative software solutions for radio and internet broadcasters, allowing them to manage their data services across a range of technology platforms. Using All In Media’s applications, broadcasters have been able to deliver new forms of interactivity to their listeners, encourage customer loyalty and source new areas for advertising revenue while improving the listener experience.

In June 2009 All In Media started developing iPhone, iPad and Android applications for the radio industry. Since then over a million applications have been downloaded. One of the keys to All In Media’s success has been its rapid turnaround, turning customers’ ideas into reality within a matter of weeks. With a strong client base in Australia, the UK and Ireland, All In Media is looking to expand its presence in the European, Canadian and Asian markets through long term partnerships with broadcasters and distributors.

All In Media continues to be an award-winning pioneer in the broadcasting industry. All in Media has grown rapidly since joining ATP Innovations in 2008.

Since launch, the business has captured a significant proportion of the Australian and European markets.The executive team at ATP Innovations has provided a sounding board to test strategic directions, market selection and business growth options.

Smart Digital Optics

Even an electrical system as good as this can do with the help of a few bright sparks.

“Negotiating with a large industry player like Arteche was complex and time consuming. sdoFortunately we were able to draw on sound advice from a range of advisors in particular the directors at ATP Innovations. This advice and support has been invaluable in helping us to negotiate the deal successfully. ”

john_sdo (1)John Haywood, CEO, Smart Digital Optics.

Smart Digital Optics manufactures optical fibre sensors for the electric power and smelting industries. Smart Digital Optics is one of the first companies to incorporate optical fibre sensors into power metering systems allowing users to measure electric currents with unprecedented levels of accuracy and ease. With compact systems and a higher capacity for digital data Smart Digital Optics’ products move away from traditional devices which are relatively costly and cumbersome to install.

In June 2010, Smart Digital Optics secured a $4.5 million contract with Arteche, a well established electrical company based in the Basque region of Spain. Under the deal, Arteche will invest $1.5 million in the company each year until December 2013 and will incorporate Smart Digital Optics technology in their services. The investment allows Smart Digital Optics to continue exploring opportunities to expand globally. This new synergy presents Arteche with an opportunity to enhance their existing services to meet increasingly sophisticated consumer expectations.

As with most start up technology companies, the team was rich with technical knowledge, but needed the ATP Innovations team to add the relevant business experience.

Smart Digital Optics has enjoyed increased sales over the past year and a growing presence in Queensland, now operating alongside and outperforming the market leader. Smart Digital Optics is well on its way to becoming the world leader in current measurement instruments for high voltage power transmission systems.

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